Welcome to our photos page! We’ve got lots of pictures from various performances throughout the Delaware Valley region (Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware) from 1996-2004. There are also plenty of photos from our studio recording sessions for “Thin Twisting Line.” Enjoy!

A mix from several different venues and time periods

Our friend Dawn came to lots of shows, and always had a knack for catching particularly cool shots of the band. Here is a gallery full of them!

From one of our favorite shows - outdoor concert series in Washington Twp, NJ

From the Triumph Brewing location in Princeton

From Challenger's Bar, in Bear Delaware.

From the venerable Sheahan's Pub in Gloucester City, NJ

Various shots from photo shoots; some were used, some were not.

Photos from the recording sessions for "Thin Twisting Line" - the second album from Second Story

March 1, 2020 - the band gathered (with their families) for the first listen to the finished "Thin Twisting Line" album!