“Thin Twisting Line” is Now Available!

Thin Twisting Line – 2 CD Set!

We are excited and proud to finally bring this album to a tangible reality, and it sounds AMAZING. We’d be very grateful if you could support our efforts by checking it out, and please consider making a purchase if you like what you hear.

Great news: our LONG awaited second album is fully complete and available for purchase right here on the website. We have actually released it as a DOUBLE album – 2 full CDs – by including a newly remastered version of our 1998 self-titled album as a “bonus disc,” which includes a newly updated version of “Voices” and our Queensrÿche tribute song (our version of “One and Only.”) So you can actually get the entire Second Story discography in one simple purchase!

You can buy your copy of “Thin Twisting Line” here!

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