“Thin Twisting Line” will be released! (Finally)

In 2001, Second Story entered Indre Studios in Philadelphia to record their second album. We decided to call it “Thin Twisting Line,” after a lyric in the song “The Silent Giants,” which would appear on the album.

After several recording sessions – and subsequent mixing – we finally heard the completed project, and unfortunately we felt that it didn’t represent the band in the way that we had intended (or expected) it to. So we took the recording to another studio to have another go at re-mixing it, to better capture our vision. When that second mix also didn’t quite have “what we were looking for,” we decided to keep at it – we’d save up some more money and try again, and play gigs and write new songs in the meantime.

Well, it never happened – we disbanded shortly after our last performance, and the album never saw the light of day. But we all always felt the pang of the unfinished project, and have always wanted some sense of completion.

Things have happened recently (starting around August of 2019) that have finally – all these years later – brought the project to a tangible reality. More news on this process will be coming very soon, and you should expect an imminent release of the music that – if you were a fan back when we were performing – you’ve probably been waiting to hear almost as anxiously as we have.

Stay tuned!

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