Welcome to the new web presence for the original Second Story band.

Thanks for visiting the new online home for Second Story. It might seem a bit strange to create a new website for a band that disbanded more than 15 years ago, but we’ve recently done some cool things that merit re-establishing a web presence, at least for a while. We’ll be talking about that real soon, but in the meantime, please excuse our growing pains as we locate and post some great memories of our 8+ year run.

Why the “original” Second Story?

Back in the days when we were performing together, we did our best to have a strong web presence, and marketing materials, and support of our forthcoming album. We wanted to protect our band’s identity; we even went so far as to get a registered trademark for the name Second Story (as used as a band name). Once we were no longer active, that trademark lapsed and is no longer enforceable – doing a quick Google search brings up lots of other bands using the name (and variants of it.)

That’s all cool – but we needed a new web home, and “theOriginalSecondStory.com” seemed like a better option than some of the alternatives, which got a little wonky and hard to parse. So there you go.

P.S. – an archived version of our original site still lives at http://secondstory.digitaldin.com – hosted on Mark’s publishing website (Digital Din.)

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